Daniel Irvine

I am a software consultant based in London, UK, currently working for 8th Light. I’m a member of the software craft community, and a founder and organizer of Queer Code London. As well as writing software, I enjoy mentoring others and promoting diversity & inclusion within the tech industry. I’m an occasional blogger and public speaker.

Upcoming public events

7-8 Oct 2017

Barcelona, Spain

Thu 2 Nov 2017

Leeds, UK

Sat 18 Nov 2017

London, UK

Selected writing

  1. How to mentor developers
  2. Are personality tests useful for developers?
  3. Cognitive dissonance and its effect on programmers
  4. In defence of software craftsmanship
  5. Code is better when we write it together
  6. The problematic pull request
  7. Perfect code is an illusion
  8. The egoless programmer